Royal Quest Wiki

Warrior's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Swd 004.png
Crushing Blow 12 Instant --- 4 sec. Deals 19-24 damage to the target, causing Broken Armor for 6 sec. Requires: Any weapon except Spears.
Swd 008s.png
Shield Blow 8 Instant --- 10 sec. A bound forward with a shield, pushing enemies back. Deals 13-16 damage to the target and causes Impuissance for 2.5 sec. Requires: Shield.
Swd 013s.png
Anger 12 Instant 5 14 sec. A powerful kick against the ground that tosses the target up and causes 19-24 damage to the target and other enemies nearby. The target and nearby enemies are affected by Clumsiness for 6 sec. Mass effect: No more than 5 targets.
Swd 006s.png
Charge 7 Instant 10 7 sec. The Warrior quickly approaches the enemy, dealing 15-19 damage and cause Slowdown for 2 sec.
Swd 007s.png
Steel Protection 25 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Aura: increases Defense by 20%. Aura affects other Party members. Only one class-specific Aura can be active at a time.
Swd 002s.png
Provocation 5 Instant 8 25 sec. The target is affected by Provocation for 10 sec. All your attention is focused on a single target.
Swd 003s.png
Whirlwind Blow 12 Instant --- 10 sec. Deals 10-13 damage to enemies within a radius of 3 m. around the player, affecting them with Bleeding for 3 sec. Requires: Any weapon except Spears. Mass Effect: No more than 5 targets.
Swd 011s.png
Perfect Protection 12 Instant --- 25 sec. The Warrior gains Strong Armor for 9 sec. that increase Defense by 6825. Removes one negative effect.
Wlk 001-s.png
Battle Shout 8 Instant --- 30 sec. Significantly increases the aggression of monsters (within a radius of 8 m.) towards the Warrior. Efficiency for healing victims of the Shout is decreased by 50% for 7 sec.
Swd 012s.png
Inspiration 12 Instant --- 24 sec. The Warrior consumes 2 Fury point to increase Attack by 18 for 8 sec. If the ability used near Banner of Darkness or Banner of Light, the warrior's movement speed is increased by 40%.
Swd 014s.png
Squall 12 2 sec. --- 7 sec. A series of 12 lightning-fast spear strikes over 2 sec. Each Fury point increases the damage dealt by this skill by 25%. Completely consumes Fury points. Requires: Spear.
Swd 001s.png
Spear Throw 10 Instant 10 9 sec. Deals 28-35 damage to the target, causing Slowdown for 2 sec. Requires: Spear.
Swd 009s.png
Piercing 20 Instant --- 3 sec. Deals 14-17 damage to the target and other enemies in the direction of the strike. Requires: Spear.
Swd 010s.png
Breakthrough 14 Instant 12 12 sec. A swift mounted maneuver that scatters the enemies standing in your way. During the maneuver, the Warriors delivers up to 7 spear blows. Consumes 2 Fury points. Requires: Spear.