Royal Quest Wiki

Warlock's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Mag 018s.png
Higher Magic 10 Instant --- 50 sec. Maximum Concentration is increased by 1, but skills consume 15% more Mana.
Mag 017s.png
Mirage 10 Instant --- 20 sec. You become invisible for 3 sec. All of your Concentration is consumed. The effect’s duration is increased by 2 sec. for every consumed Concentration point. Higher-level opponents are able to notice you.
Wlk 004s.png
Arrow of Chaos 10 1.5 sec. 12 0.5 sec. Deals 30-58 Chaos damage to a hostile target and puts a Chaos Shard in them.
Wlk 003s.png
Shield of Blood 14 Instant 12 30 sec. Applies a shield accumulating the damage taken by the character or a friendly target. When the effect wears off, the target is healed for the amount of the Damage absorbed. Your chance of having a spell interrupted when you take damage is decreased for the effect’s duration.
Wlk 009s.png
Rampant Chaos 18 2 sec. 12 18 sec. Attracts enemies within a range of 3 m. from the target, dealing them 42-58 Chaos damage. The target takes 200% damage if it is under the effect of a Chaos Shard, after which the Shard disappears. Uses 1 Concentration point.
Veil of Darkness 25 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Aura: decreases the attack of the nearest enemies by 7%.
Wlk 007s.png
Blood Ritual --- Instant --- 5 sec. Your Attack is increased at the cost of 8% of your maximum Health.
Wlk 014s.png
Message of Death 19 Instant 12 14 sec. Deals 14-20 damage to enemies at a distance of up to 12 m. in front of the player. Required: Scythe.
Wlk 012s.png
Hex 20 2 sec. 12 30 sec. Every time that the target of this spell deals damage, they take 120% of this damage (as Chaos Damage).
Wlk 008s.png
Nightmare 25 1.5 sec. --- 50 sec. Sends terrible visions to all enemies within a range of 6 m, causing them to run in panic. The damage taken can interrupt the Nightmare effect. The number of foes affected by the skill is limited. The maximum range of the skill cannot exceed 10 m.
Wlk 011s.png
Defilement 20 2.5 sec. 12 16 sec. Curses enemies in the specified area. The curse deals 14-20 Poison damage every 3 sec.
Wlk 010s.png
Wandering Spirit 15 1.5 sec. 12 1 sec. Concentration points are given to a friendly target, who receives 1 more Concentration points than you had. For non-magical classes, their special points are refilled in place of Concentration.
Wlk 002s.png
Ties of Blood 16 Instant 12 12 sec. You are healed every time that the target of the Ties of Bloods takes damage, for an amount equal to 20% of the Damage dealt to the target. The effect wears off if the amount of Health obtained in this way exceeds 700.
Wlk 013s.png
Reaper's Verdict 20 Instant --- 12 sec. Deals 28-38 damage to a hostile target. The target cannot avoid this skill’s effect nor use their skills as along as Reaper’s Verdict is active. Uses 1 Concentration point. Required: Scythe.
Wlk 001s.png
Obsession 13 1.5 sec. --- 30 sec. Increases your Attack by 10% for 7 sec., adding 5% for every Concentration point. All of your Concentration is consumed.
Wlk 006s.png
Magic Devouring 15 1.5 sec. 12 2 sec. Removes one positive effect from a hostile target and restores 30 of your Mana.