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*[[Head of the Merchants' Guild]]
*[[Head of the Merchants' Guild]]
*[[Market Manager]]
==The Rarity Buyer==
==The Rarity Buyer==
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* [[Eddie]]
* [[Eddie]]
* [[Ray]]
* [[Ray]]
* [[Maidens|Maidens(Aiya, Enya, Tyra and Una)]]

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The capital city of the Kingdom of Elenia.

This is the main hub to which players stay to either chat with other players, browse the various shops, progress their classes in their respectable academies and the only access point to the market, player auction house.


These are the schools that, once players reach level 20, are given a quest to allow the player to proceed into the sub class for their classes with vendors that supply class specific items from the level range of 20 to 32.

Affiliated NPCs

Academy of Accuracy

  • Instructor Tell
  • Roy Taylor the Hunter
  • Marksman Raygun

Academy of Magic

  • Mage Trainer Thibius
  • Magistar Erdis
  • Magistar Raven

Academy of Strength

  • Instructor Iven
  • Raymond the Crusader
  • Ademar, the Dark Knight

Secret Office

  • Inspector Sheylok
  • Master Tobar
  • Master Razor

Item Enhancements

Main article on Item Improvements and Seal Enchantments

Placed about the area are also useful NPCs who can be interacted with to improve clothing and weapon items through Item Improvements and Sealing Enchantments.


Item Improvements:

  • Abel Mitchell

Seal Enchantments:

  • Master of Enchantments


There are various machines lined up on the east side of Varlone which can be used to produce crafting resources by making ore into metal or fabric from flax. There is also peculiar machines such as the Matter Splitter which converts clothing and weapons into their respectably colored Elum.


  • Alchemical Cauldron
  • Elenium Converter
  • Loom
  • Matter Splitter
  • Melting Mill

Affiliated NPCs

  • Abel Mitchell
  • Master Craff
  • Omnis the Lab Assistant

The Market

Main article on Market

The market is a player auction house which allows the player to purchase various goods using gold ranging from weapons to clothing and even the Premium in-game currency known as Reales, this allows the player to acquire items that are otherwise difficult to encounter. Though there is a commission cost, 15% for Free player and 5% for Premium players.

Affiliated NPCs

  • Head of the Merchants' Guild
  • Market Manager

The Rarity Buyer

Main article on Cards and Insignia of Distinction

Bella the Rarity Buyer is an NPC that allows you to trade rare Monster Cards for Insignia of Distinction's, a currency which can be used to purchase Shop exclusive items as well as Royal Blessings, Mandrake flowers/fruits and various Alchemical recipes from her sister, Sella the Collector, beside her.

Message Board

Main article on Message Board Quests

The Message Board is the go to place for most available daily quests, increasing in level allows the player to receive more daily quests.


Other NPCs


Sub Locations

  • Academy of Archery
  • Academy of Magic
  • Academy of Strength
  • Catacombs 1st Floor
  • Central Alchemical Laboratory
  • Passage to the Cardinal's Chamber
  • Royal Palace
  • Secret Office
  • Tavern
  • Throne Room