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Thief's Skills

Icon mms jam Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Rog 004s.png
Stunning 6 Instant --- 18 sec. Deals 16-19 damage and stuns the target.
Rog 001s.png
Campfire 10 Instant --- 30 sec. The Thief builds a campfire: its heat supports and nourishes allies. Aura: Increase defence by 1793. Restores 2,5% Health every second. Healing received from campfire is doubled when out of combat.
Rog 008s.png
Spring 8 Instant 10 15 sec. The Thief jumps to the selected spot and deals 19-24 damage to all nearby enemies.
Rog 006s.png
Kick 16 Instant --- 30 sec. Kick the enemy, inflicting 27-33 damage. The target is affected by Impuissance for 8 seconds. Using this skill restores 1 Cunning point.
Rog 005s.png
Double Strike 10 Instant --- 3 sec. Deals 36-44 damage to the target. Gives you 1 Cunning point. Required: Daggers, Swords, or Axes in both hands.
Rog 007s.png
Sip of Booze 15 Instant --- 14 sec. The Thief instantly recovers 21-26 Health. The healing effect of the booze continues for 12 more sec. The Thief gains Nimbleness for 5 sec. Final Act: Each Cunning point increases the total health healed over time by 7% of the Thief's health and the Nimbleness effect by 4. Consumes all Cunning points. A player needs at least 1 Cunning point to use this skill.
Rog 009s.png
Robbery 14 Instant --- 8 sec. Deals 18-22 damage to the enemy and has a 50% chance of attempting to rob him. The target is affected by Blinding. Each Cunning point increases the damage caused by this skill by 25%, the chance to rob the target by 12% and the duration by Blinding effect by 1 sec. Consumes all Cunning points. A player needs at least 1 Cunning point to use this skill. Plunder: If the robbery against a monster is successful, the monster drops the loot that could be obtained by killing it. Other players and bosses cannot be robbed.
Rog 010s.png
Net 14 Instant 10 30 sec. Immobilizes enemies within a radius from the target. Mass effect: No more than 5 targets.
Rog 002s.png
Distraction 16 Instant --- 40 sec. The Thief throws a coin in front of himself, which distracts monsters and hostile characters for a short time. Affected enemies gain the Slowdown debuff for 6 sec. and the Silence debuff for 3 sec. Mass effect: No more than 5 targets.
Rog 003s.png
Fortune 10 1 sec. --- 1 sec. Luck is increased for the player and one ally by 20 points. Only one Fortune effect can be on a character at a time. This effect stops working on you when you die.

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