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Warriors form the backbone of the Elenia army – a formidable force, commonly referred to as “The Iron Fist of the Throne”. Strong and hardy, they use short-range, melee weapons and are adept with sword and shield. Once in battle, they depend upon their considerable fighting skills, and their stout armor, which provides reliable protection from enemy attacks. Warriors possess the unique ability to enhance their defense and the defense of their allies. Having perfect mastery of equestrian skills, they ride into battle, and indeed, the might of the royal cavalry is legendary.

The most illustrious Warriors can choose the advanced classes of Crusader or Black Knight.

Mastery branch[]

  • There is a choice between 2 different talents on each "level" of the talent tree.
  • Exceptions are for the passive "Knack" and the active "Warrior's Blow". Both are "special" talents with no alternative choice.

1rst Talent Choice 2nd Talent Choice
Swd 004s.png
Courage Passive Skill The Warrior receives +10% to his Attack if there are 4 or more enemies nearby.
Swd 012.png
Might Passive Skill The cooldown times of Anger and Whirlwind Blow are decreased by 2 sec.
Swd 005.png
Battle Determination Passive Skill Energy consumption in combat is decreased by 20%.
Swd 006.png
Furious Fight Passive Skill Gives +1Ap1.pngin combat, once every 7 sec.
Swd 014.png
Binding Passive Skill Using the Perfect Protection skill decreases the Movement Speed of enemies around the Warrior by 55%.
Swd 009.png
Protector Passive Skill Your attacks considerably increase the Monsters' aggression level, decreasing the chance that they will attack your friends. Using the Steel Protection skill increases the Warrior's stamina by 4.
Wlk 007 old.png
Knack Passive Skill Using auras and summoning a mount are completed instantly. -
Swd 017.png
Deadly Lance Passive Skill Using the Charge and Spear Throw skills instead of Slowdown debuff affects the enemy with Pain for 2 sec. that decreases the enemy's Movement Speed by 85% and deals 5-7 Chaos damage every sec. Swd 002.png Impetuosity Passive Skill The Squall and Shield Blow skills ignore 25% of the target's Defense.
Swd 001.png
Cavarly Charge Passive Skill Mounted Movement Speed is increased by 8%. When you are equipped with a spear, your attacks and skills deal 5% more damage.
Swd 010.png
Royal Guardian Passive Skill Damage Resistance is increased by 20% (30% with a shield equipped) if the Warrior's Health sinks lower than 30%.
Swd s 01.png
Warrior's Blow Active Skill Deals 41-50 damage. The target is affected by Stunning for 3 sec and the target's effectiveness of healing received is reduced by 50% for 6 sec.