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You will not find rogues amongst the ranks of any regular army: espionage and sabotage is their lot. Only they are capable of infiltrating the enemy camp in secret and destroying the enemy leader, stealing important documents, and then disappearing without a trace. Rogues approach their goal by means of a single, precise strike, relying on agility and speed. They prefer to avoid direct confrontation and have no qualms about stooping to tricks and foul play when necessary, or attacking from behind, or from the cover of a shelter.

An experienced rogue can choose the advanced classes of Thief or Assassin.

Thievish Tricks branch[]

  • There is a choice between 2 different talents on each "level" of the talent tree.
  • Exceptions are for the passive "Sucker Punches" and the active "Magic Bomb". Both are "special" talents with no alternative choice.

1rst Talent Choice 2nd Talent Choice
3.png Stronger Charge Passive Skill The damage dealt by Sabotage is increased by 35%. Thief 014.png Fencing Passive Skill The damage dealt by the Sudden Strike and Lunge skills is increased by 12%.
Thi 016.png Insatiable Thirst Passive Skill The use of the Gold Lust skill accumulates 2 Cunning points.
Thi 003.png
Saboteur Passive Skill All damage taken by enemies is increased by 9% for 6 sec. Enables a player to stay in Stealth state.
Thief 013.png Shadow Lurker Passive Skill The Rogue's Cunning is not decreased out of combat while in Stealth state. When leaving the Stealth state, the Rogue gains an additional Cunning point.
Thi 001.png
Slyboots Passive Skill When the Rogue leves Stealth state, he receives +15 Dodge for 10 sec.
Thief 017.png Sucker Punches Passive Skill The Rogue's Critical Damage is increased by 5% for every negative effect inflicted on the target, but no more than 50%. -
Thi 011.png
Deep Freezing Passive Skill The Ice Bomb's freeze duration is increased by 1.5 sec.
Thi 005.png
Silent Run Passive Skill No Movement Speed penalty is inflicted on the Rogue in Stealth state. When leaving the Stealth state, the rogue's movement speed is increased by 40% for 5 sec.
Thief.png Spider Poison Passive Skill Enemies with the Poison debuff are affected by Slowdown for 3 sec. for each critical hit. Slowdown: Movement Speed is decreased by 55%. Thief 007.png Poisoned Wounds Passive Skill Poison deals 15% more damage.
Thi s 01.png
Magic Bomb Active Skill Deals 15-19 damage and inflicts a Terror for 3 sec. and Poison for 6 sec.
  • Terror: You are forced to run away. You lose control and unable to you skills in this state.
  • Poison: Deals 4-5 Poison damage per second.
  • Mass Effect: No more than 5 targets.