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Mages command the forces of elements, and can direct them to both protect and heal their allies, or to destroy their enemies. True, they do not boast a strong constitution, nor can they bear heavy armor, but the power of their magic provides is a worthy substitute. This alone makes mages among the deadliest of enemies, capable of destroying entire forces single-handedly. The wide variety of their spells allows them to tune their attack to each individual opponent -- and they are also useful in group attacks.

The most skillful mages can choose the advanced classes of Sorcerer or Warlock.

Basics of Magic branch[]

  • There is a choice between 2 different talents on each "level" of the talent tree.
  • Exceptions are for the passive "Archivist" and the active "Wave of Strength". Both are "special" talents with no alternative choice.

1rst Talent Choice 2nd Talent Choice
NA Stasis Passive Skill The Mage's Auto Attack decreases the enemy's Movement and Attack Speed by 35% for 2 sec. NA Alchemist Passive Skill The cooldown time for potions is decreased by 20%.
Mag 006.png
Fiery Disaster Passive Skill Fireball, Wall of Fire, and Rain of Fire deal 10% more damage. NA Flaming Obstacle Passive Skill The duration and strenght of the Wall of Fire are increased by 25%.
Mag 008.png
Kinetic Field Passive Skill The damage caused by Ice Arrow, Fireball, and Arrow of Chaos is increased in proportion to the distance to the target, up to +30% at maximum distance. NA Stream of Mana Passive Skill The amount of Mana restored by the Surge of Mana skill is increased by 25%.
Mag 016 rem.png
Archivist Passive Skill The Mage's Attack is increased by 2% for every positive or negative effect inflicted on him, but by no more than 16%. -
Mag 003.png
Pure Mind Passive Skill The Chance of Critical Hit for the Mental Blow spell in increased by 30%. NA Battle Mage Passive Skill The damage caused by Harvest, Smashing Blade, and Energy Blast is increased by 10%.
Mag 004.png
Spell Stealer Passive Skill The Energy Blast skill enables the Mage to remove a posotive effect from the target and apply it to the Mage. The Mage can only have one stolen effect. Spell Stealer cannot be used on long-duration effects.
Mag 010.png
Astral Protection Passive Skill Fireball, Ice Arrow, Stone Spikes, and Lightning Bolt create a magical shield that absorbs half of all damage received. The shield’s durability is equal to 5% of the skill’s damage. The shield is active for 15 sec. or until its durability wears out.
Mag s 01.png
Wave of Strength Active Skill Enemies in front of the spell caster are knocked back to a distance of 8 m. and stunned for 1 sec. -