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What is better than to destroy your enemies from afar? Only to do so before they can even flinch. Archers can inflict a considerable amount of damage to anyone, without ever coming into direct contact. A good archer needs a steady hand and keen eyesight - and quick feet, if there're no arrows left. They are constantly improving their technique, increasing power of their remote attacks, speed of their shooting… and their sprinting.

The sure of shot may ultimately choose the advanced classes of Hunter or Sniper.

Shooting branch[]

  • There is a choice between 2 different talents on each "level" of the talent tree.
  • Exceptions are for the passive "Reckless Shooter" and the active "Energy Control". Both are "special" talents with no alternative choice.

1rst Talent Choice 2nd Talent Choice
Arc 006.png
Magical Target Passive Skill The bonus damage dealt to a target under the Target effect is increased from 15% to 20%.
Arc 008.png
Healing Brew Passive Skill The efficiency of the First Aid and Wound Dressing skills is increased by 25%.
NA Unloading Passive Skill Auto Attack restores 4 of the Archer's Energy points.
Arc 001.png
Second Wind Passive Skill The Vigor skill increases the natural regeneration of Energy by 50%.
Arc 002.png
Deep Wounds Passive Skill The Piercing Shot skill inflicts the Bleeding effect, which causes an extra 28-39 damage every 2 sec. for 6 sec.
Arc 014.png
Resilience Passive Skill When under the Aiming effect, the Archer takes 10% less Damage.
Arc 005.png
Reckless Shooter Passive Skill Every critical hit increases the Archer's Attack by 2% for 5 sec. This effect can stack up to 8 times. -
NA Regenerating Charge Passive Skill Healing Charge not only restores the target's Health but also gives him a Regeneration effect that restores an extra 366-504 Health over 10 sec. NA Toxic Charge Passive Skill The Archer can shoot an enemy with a Healing Charge, poisoning them for 19-26 damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.
NA Shooting Legs Passive Skill The fist shot slows down an enemy by 10%. Every subsequent shot slows down the target's Movement Speed by 1%. The effect's duration is 30 sec. NA Stormtrooper Passive Skill Allows you to use Pellet Shot while moving.
Arc s 01.png
Energy Control Active Skill Energy consumption is decreased by 50% for 10 sec. -