Royal Quest Wiki

Sorcerer's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Mag 018s.png
Higher Magic 10 Instant --- 50 sec. Maximum Concentration is increased by 1, but skills consume 15% more Mana.
Gate 1s.png
Master of Teleportation 10 Instant --- 60 min. It allows the Sorcerer to return to a Maiden.
Mag 017s.png
Mirage 10 Instant --- 20 sec. You become invisible for 3 sec. All of your Concentration is consumed. The effect’s duration is increased by 2 sec. for every consumed Concentration point. Higher-level opponents are able to notice you.
Wiz 005s.png
Lightning Bolt 8 2.5 sec. 12 1 sec. Deals 33-78 damage to a hostile target.
Wiz 007s.png
Healing Shield 18 Instant 12 12 sec. A shield with 87 Health is applied to the character or a friendly target. Half the damage taken is absorbed by the shield.
Wiz 013s.png
Geyser 10 1.5 sec. 12 8 sec. Deals 21-29 damage to enemies within 3.5 m.
Wiz 006s.png
Aura of Life 50 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Aura: increases healing received by 20%. The Aura affects other Party members.
Wiz 009s.png
Stone Spikes 8 2 sec. 12 1 sec. Deals 50-69 damage to a hostile target.
Wiz 004s.png
Ice Shackles 16 Instant 12 45 sec. A hostile target is frozen. This effect wears off with time or after 58 damage is taken.
Wiz 010s.png
Energy Surge 10 Instant 12 10 sec. Restores 25% of the target’s Energy for every Concentration point.
Wiz 002s.png
Meteor 25 2 sec. 12 30 sec. Deals 34-47 damage to enemies in the specified area. Uses 1 Concentration point.
Wiz 008s.png
Regeneration 17 2 sec. 12 6 sec. Restores 114-157 Health over 15 sec.
Wiz 012s.png
Storm Cloud 10 Instant --- 4 sec. Summons a cloud that deals 12-16 damage to enemies in its way.
Wiz 011s.png
Spellbreaking 25 Instant 12 3 sec. Removes one negative effect from the character or a friendly target.
Wiz 001s.png
Negation Field 40 Instant --- 1 sec. A protective dome that absorbs damage dealt to Party members who are within the Negation Field. Consumes all of your Concentration; the duration of the Negation Field is increased by 2 sec. for each Concentration point.