Royal Quest Wiki

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General Skills

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Portal 2.png
Save Portal Point 10 2 sec. --- 10 sec. Marks this place as a portal point, which you can return to by using a Maiden's Ticket or the Portal skill.
Portal 1.png
Portal 10 5 sec. 5 30 min. Opens a portal which enables you to instantly travel to a Maiden or to a point which you have marked earlyer.

Available only to Premium Account holders.

Cmn 001.png
First Aid 10 10 sec. --- 1 sec. Restores Health over 10 sec.
Cmn 002.png
Leap 8 Instant 10 2 sec. A swift leap forward, over a distance of 10 m. Cannot be used if recently took damage.
Cmn 005.png
Rest --- Instant --- 1 sec. Just rest :)
Cmn 006.png
Auto Attack --- --- --- 1 sec. Attack the selected target.

Class specific Skills