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Image Name Description
Bat During their lives this beings rarely see anything else than dark crypts and ancient boulders.
Bumblebot.png Bumblebot Created by the talented craftsmen of the West. The Welings in Argor really need some fast, strong post bumblebuzzes.
Crystalid Hidden citizen of the elenium caves. Only the strongest adveturers can find this magical crystal.
Dolly Calm and easy in breeding pet. Elenia's farmers highly values each of these features.

The fruit of the imagination of the technological genius. For some strange reasons sharp as blade wings of this being aren't deadly.

Haul Experienced travellers describe him as not dangerous, familiar being.
Crocker Crockor's nestling. It's less strong and agile than adult birds, but nonetheless he stays his owner's faithful companion.
Moss Eater.png
Moss Eater This unusual herbivore is covered with leaves like a plant, it has beak like bird and many eyes and legs like insect.
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