Royal Quest Wiki

Normal Mobs

Image Name Type HP Aggro Element Race Loot Drop
Ant Soldier Ruby.png
Ruby Ant Normal 2950 Aggressive (swarm) Fire Insect Glistening Scales , Ant Feelers , Formic Acid , Sharp Mandibles , Black Sand

Neon Glasses (level 35) , Golden Orb (level 32) , Ruby Ripper (level 33 Dagger) , Thor's Hammer (level 32) , Beast Tamer Greaves (level 32)

Firefly Lunatic.png
Lunatic Normal 2275 Passive Air Insect Anthracite, Card of Air, Card of the Lunatic, Bumblebuzz Wings, Ice Book, Glimmering Pollen, Transparent Wings, Shining Scale, Shard of Darkness
Thing Fire.png
Something Fiery Normal 6930 Aggressive Fire Formless Amalgram, Anthracite, Bronze Shield (level 39), Soul of Flame, Singing Sword (level 41), Vial of Mana Potion, Card of Something Fiery, Card of Fire, Fire Elemental's Ash, Fiery Spark, Rune Sword (level 41), Mica
Thing Smoke.png
Something Fuming Normal 5180 Aggressive (swarm) Air Formless Amalgram, Seasoned Hunter's Trousers (level 31), Card of Air, Card of Something Fuming, Time Piercer (level 36), Sunglasses, Black Sand
Ant Sapphire.png
Sapphire Ant Normal 3150 Passive (swarm) Water Insect Amalgram, Card of Water, Card of the Sapphire Ant, Formic Acid, Ant Feelers, Sharp Mandibles, Sapphire, Black Sand
Living Armor Normal 8200 Aggressive Air Magical Creature Iron Heart, Plate Armor, Card of Air, Card of the Living Armor, Rusty Armor, Essence of Life
Sandman Dark.png
Ash Normal 7210 Protective Swarm Air Formless Anthracite, Rock Crystal, Emerald, Card of Ash, Card of Air, Opal, Fire Elemental's Ash, Sapphire, Mica, Black Sand
Metaller Normal 3350 Aggressive Neutral Beast Amalgram, Lizard's Journal, Iron Heart, Metal Scraps, Card of the Metaller, Crystal Gloves (level 35), Metaller Tail