Normal Mobs

Image Name Type HP Level Element Race Aggro Type Combat Range Exp Loot Drop Special Notes
Forest Shaman.png
Forest Shaman Normal 530 (lvl)__ Neutral(0) Humanoid Passive (protective) Ranged __ Gold Bracelet , Forest Shaman's Pendant , Ancient Coin , Shaman's Mask , Invigorating Ale Will place a curse on the target increasing "miss" chance.
Forest Warrior.png
Forest Warrior Normal 308 (lvl)__ Neutral(0) Humanoid Aggressive (swarm) Melee __ Gold Bracelet , Invigorating Ale , Hemp Grass , Flybane Tincture, Flint
Stock Normal 140 (lvl)__ Earth(__) Plant Passive Melee ___ Wood Chip , Dry Leaf, Log
Log Rotten.png
Rotten Stock Normal 406 (lvl)__ Earth(__) Plant _____ Melee ____ Marmalade , Clover , Dry Leaf , Drop of Resin , Black Mandrake Leaflet
Scarecrow Field.png
Garden Scarecrow Normal 280 (lvl)__ Earth(__) Magical Creature Aggressive (hidden) Melee ___ Dry Leaf , Pumpkin Will often fall down as an "aggro"ed pumpkin then grow legs and arms out of it etc. Pumpkin has very high defense.
Stump Normal 300 (lvl)__ Earth(__) Passive Earth Plant Log , Clover, Green Leaf
Thorn Normal 190 Aggressive Earth Plant Dry Leaf , Green Leaf
Thorn Elite.png
Royal Thorn Elite 4000 Aggressive Fire Plant
Thorn Hungry.png
Hungry Thorn Normal 340 Aggressive Earth Plant Green Grass , Dry Leaf, Marmalade , Clover, Field Flower


Image Name Type HP Aggro Element Race Loot Drop
Forest Shaman Evil.png
Dark Shaman Boss 44500 Aggressive Neutral Humanoid
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