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Normal Mobs

Image Name Type HP Level Element Race Aggro Type Combat Range Exp Loot Drop Special Notes
Baphomet Normal 2555 (lvl)39 Chaos(__) Monster Aggressive Melee ____ Lil' Devil Horns, Baphomet's Tendon, Soft Fur, Pouch of Herbs, Grass Chewing Gum, Star Shard, Red Bandana, Grappling Gun, Trickster Gloves, Pirate's Sight, Card of the Lil' Baphomet, Gold coins Relatively slower and do not swarm. Rarely found in the center of the map.
Lil' Baphomet Normal 4950 (lvl)42 Chaos(__) Monster Aggressive (protective) Melee ____ ____ Fast movement and attack speed, relatively weak, do not swarm, should try to pick off one by one. Will be protective of the big Baphomet.
Evil Eye Normal 2380 (lvl)38 Air (___) Monster Aggressive Ranged ___ _____ Ranged attacks do not employ projectiles. Do not swarm and is more easily found in one place on this particular map.
Beholder Blind.png
Blind Eye _____ 47500 (lvl)40 Air (__) Monster Aggressive Ranged _____ ____ Need confirmation
Firefly Lunatic.png
Lunatic Normal 2275 (lvl)___ Air (__) Insect Passive (swarm) Melee _____ ______ Need confirmation
Crock (Lv 36) Normal 3050 (lvl)36 Air (__) Animal Aggressive Melee _____ Green Grass(100%), Gold Coins, Grass Chewing Gum (10%), Scream in the night(5%), Falcons Guard Jacket(1%), Falcons Guard Jacket[1] Recipe(.8%) Good invigoration Pot(30%),Totem of Healing(0.4%), Card of Crock(0.01%) Protected by Crockers. Minor Swarm. Gives map its name.
Crocker Normal 1855 (lvl)35 Air (__) Animal Passive (swarm) (protective) Melee ___ _____ Will swarm and attack if a Crock is attacked
Stone Eater Normal 6580 (lvl)40 Earth (__) Monster Passive Melee ____ Silicon Shards, Stone Eater's Eye, Stone Skin, Mica, Stone Heart, Granite, Ore Axe, Stone Eater card, Gold coins Moves fast when aggroed.
Tentacle Mud.png
Taperoot Normal 7000 (lvl)37 Fire (___) Plant Aggressive Ranged (stationary) ___ Sucker, Gold coins Can sometimes be out-ranged by ranged classes. Aggro range is lower than attack range.