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Normal Mobs

Image Name Type HP Level Element Race Aggro Type Combat Range Exp Loot Drop Special Notes
Crogg Normal 1550 (lvl)26 Air(1) Animal Aggressive Melee 59 Anthracite, Card of Air, Card of the Crogg, Wings of Fate (level 24), Piece of Meat, Soft Fur, Sapphire In-game phrase - "Crogg jerky". Original of several varieties. Will jinx player causing max health to temporarily lower. Will pause moving forward to jinx player. Found in most places among map.
Praying Mantis Normal 720 (lvl)19 Earth(1) Insect Aggressive Melee 33 Mantis Eye, Emerald, Card of the Mantis, Card of Earth, Varlone Guard's Bow, Totem of the Flower Devourer, Chitinous Plate Original of several varieties. Comparatively weak. Rare in the map.
Mantis Pink.png
Bohemian Mantis Normal 7175 (lvl)30 Neutral(0) Insect Aggressive Melee 352 Mantis Eye, Blessed Potion, Black Mandrake Leaflet, Opal, Titanium Blades, Chitinous Plate, Ashkalot Cube Low damage,low defense but extremely high health, should be treated with care.
Mantis Purple.png
Purple Mantis Normal 2000 (lvl)29 Fire(1) Insect Aggressive Melee 120 Mantis Eye, Green Leaf, Card of Fire, Card of the Purple Mantis, Red Bandanna (level 31), Piece of Meat, Chitinous Plate, Scale Armor (level 28) Found in many places among the map
Snail Ancient.png
Ancient Snail Normal 3290 (lvl)32 Water(3) Insect Passive Melee 164 White Clay, White Pearl, Card of Water, Card of the Ancient Snail, Ancient Snail Meat, Scaled Breeches (level 28), Treantology (level 32) Relatively high defense and medium health. Do not swarm and very passive. Moves relatively slow when aggressive.
Stump Ancient.png
Ancient Stump Normal 2310 (lvl)28 Earth(3) Plant Aggressive Melee 122 Drop of Resin, Card of Earth, Card of the Ancient Stump, Hemp Grass
Tentacle Normal 890 (lvl)25 Earth(1) Plant Aggressive Stationary (Medium) ____ ___ Attack range is longer than Aggro range. As this plant cannot move, ranged chars can easily out-range it. Original of several varieties.


Image Name Type HP Level Element Race Aggro Type Combat Range Exp Loot Drop
Ancient Treant Boss 3466000 45 Earth(1) Plant Aggressive Varied 104 328 Assassin's Vest, Card of the Ancient Treant, Card of Earth, Pine Cones, Tiger Eye, Haul, Ashkalot Cube