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The meadow bumblebuzz, like all bumblebuzzes, has a beetle like appearance whilst having four large insect eyes and a pair of small transparent wings along with six dangling legs.


Race: Insect
Element: Air (3)
Level: 2
Health: 90
Experience: 3
Experience with Premium: 4.5


Protective - Attacking a cocoon within the presence of a meadow bumblebuzz causes it to turn aggressive towards the attacker.


Drops Table[]

Image Name Price Description
RQBbCarp.png Bumblebuzz Carapace 3 Loot.
Transparent wings.png Transparent Wings 30 Loot.
Bumblebuzz wings.png Bumblebuzz Wings 10 Expendable that teleports the player to a random location on the map.
Bumblebuzz pendant.png Bumblebuzz Pendant 133 Amulet (Any class, level) occasionally with 1 card slot.
Bumblebuzz ring.png Bumblebuzz Ring 93 Ring (Any class, level) occasionally with 1 card slot.
Wind.jpg Card of Air 500 Elemental Card (Weapon)
Card 01.png Card of the Bumblebuzz 500 Monster Card [+3 Luck, 20% Potion cooldown] (Amulet)

Elemental Damage[]

Neutral: 100%
Water: 100%
Earth: 140%
Fire: 100%
Air: 90%
Poison: 100%
Chaos: 120%