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Magic is in full swing here: the animals can even talk!

That’s what being near a magic school can lead to.

~ Map description

Maragorne is one of three starting areas, this one is for Mages.

The enchanted waters of the swamps flows through here. From talking parrots

to windmills that harvest magical essence, Maragorne is the home to sorcery

and it's not afraid to show it.

The relaxing atmosphere of the region allows apprentices of magic to try their

luck at the creatures here. They just might be surprised at what they find.

Maiden: Tella


  • Magister Loryan
  • Royal Alchemist
  • Thomas the Merchant


  • Fantogenet
  • Hamilton the Sorcerer
  • Maragorne Castle Guard
  • Parrot
Connected Regions


Forest of Shadows


Gordon Castle

Old Mages' Library

Trade Route


Monsters of Maragorne
Class Name Level Element Race Experience Aggression Level Health Points
Normal Cocoon.png Cocoon 10 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Insect.png Insect 5 0 Cannot Attack 775
Normal Dewdrop.png Dewdrop 1 Ewater.pngEwater.pngEwater.png Race Plant.png Plant 2 0 Cannot Attack 76
Normal Dragonfly Fire.png Fire Dragonkin 8 Efire.png Race Animal.png Animal 7 3 Aggressive 240
Normal SmallBeholder.png Evil Eye Cub 10 Eair.png Race Monster.png Monster 11 2 Defensive 182
Normal Dragonfly Lake.png Lake Dragonkin 6 Ewater.pngEwater.png Race Animal.png Animal 7 1 Passive 170
Normal Zuza.png Meadow BumbleBuzz 2 Eair.pngEair.pngEair.png Race Insect.png Insect 3 1 Passive 90
Normal Haul.png Haul 5 Race Animal.png Animal 5 3 Aggessive 150
Normal Log.png Stock 3 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 6 1 Passive 140
Normal Thorn.png Thorn 7 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 8 3 Aggressive 190
Elite Haul Black.png Black Haul 9 Race Animal.png Animal 112 3 Aggressive 2300
Quest Loggius.png Loggius 4 Eearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 10 3 Aggressive 155
Quest Dragonfly Magic.png Magical Dragonkin 10 Race Magical Creature.png Magical Creature 34 3 Aggressive 1015
Quest Pest Bumblebuzz.png Pest Bumblebuzz 2 Eair.pngEair.pngEair.png Race Insect.png Insect 3 3 Aggressive 100

Resources on Location[]

Type Name
Harvest Porcino Mushroom.png Porcino Mushroom
Harvest Flybane Mushroom.png Flybane Mushroom
Harvest Iron Deposit.png Iron Deposit
Harvest Green Grass.png Green Grass
Loot Wooden Chest.png Wooden Chest
Loot Basket.png Basket
Quest Beautiful Flowers.png Beautiful Flowers

In-Game Images[]

Maragorne 1.jpg Maragorne 2.jpg Maragorne 3.jpg Maragorne 4.jpg
Maragorne 5.jpg Maragorne 6.jpg