Royal Quest Wiki

Hunter's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Hnt 010s.png
Trap Throw 10 Instant --- 15 sec. Allows you to throw a Burr, a Trap, and the Ice Trap up to a distance of 10 m.
Hnt 012s.png
Buzzing Arrows 10 Instant --- 10 sec. The Hunter's attacks have a 7% chance of spontaneously summoning a battle or hunting Bumblebuzz without using Energy.
Arrow 2s.png
Magical Arrow 10 Instant 12 6 sec. Deals 20-27 damage to the nearest enemy. Cannot miss. Focusing (consumes 1 Focus point if it is available, increasing the damage dealt by this skill by 30%).
Hnt 008s.png
Trap 10 Instant --- 12 sec. Places a trap that deals damage and immobilizes the victim when it is activated.
Hnt 003s.png
Hunter's Whistle 10 Instant 15 1 sec. Gives you a potion. Should be used with care. Uses 1 Focus point.
Hnt 007s.png
Arrow Shower 12 Instant 12 4 sec. Deals 10-14 damage to enemies in the selected area. Required: Bow.
Hnt 013s.png
Beastly Fury 12 Instant --- 30 sec. The Hunter falls into a rage, which increases his Chance of Critical Hit and the speed of his ordinary attacks by 30% for 9 sec. If the Hunter uses any other skill, his Beastly Fury disappears.
Hnt 006s.png
Dummy 10 Instant --- 1 min. Places a dummy that attracts enemies.
Hnt 002s.png
Jump Back 10 Instant 9 15 sec. The Hunter jumps back to a distance of 9 m.
Hnt 004s.png
Hypnosis 6 2 sec. 8 1 min. 30 sec. Subdues a hostile Animal, Insect, or Plant. Your chance of Hypnosis depends on the creature’s level.
Hnt 015s.png
Scaring Away 10 Instant 12 1 sec. Makes Monsters run away in terror but does not affect Humanoids or the Undead.
Hnt 005s.png
Battle Whistle 10 Instant 12 1 sec. Deals damage to a random target within a range of 13 m., and to enemies near the target. Should be used with care. Uses 1 Fury point.
Hnt 001s.png
Camouflage 18 Instant --- 1 sec. An experienced Hunter always knows how to hide his presence. Any or all members of the Party can hide from view within the active Camouflage area for 30 sec. Any damage taken or any skill used in Stealth state will remove the Camouflage effect. Uses 2 Focus points.
Hnt 014s.png
Blunt Arrow 10 Instant 12 12 sec. Knocks the enemy back with a blunt arrow. Deals 16-22 damage. The closer the enemy is, the further they will be thrown back. Required: Bow