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Next Harvest 19/05/20 12:00 AM AEST
Rank A B C
Calamity 50 20 4
Monstrosity 20 10 3
Atrocity 10 5 2
Abberancy 5 0 1

A - your base number of reales per harvest

B - % discount from lowest market price of premium items

C - Additional Reales per greet, greets will be checked per day at 7 AM AEST, so make sure to do it before then.

Rank Up Information[]

To move to each rank from the last you need to reach a certain number of Prestige:

When you reach max rank additional prestige you earn from Participation Actions also adds the same number of reales to the bank

At each rank, you can only earn prestige equal to half the number of prestige requirements from reales donations.

Rank Prestige Requirement
Calamity 1000
Monstrocity 100
Atrocity 10
Prestige Chart
Action Points Action
Participation 1 Participated in an Elite take down with only other guild members
Participation 1 Participated in a guild war
Participation 1 Greeted 10 times
Participation 2 Made 1 donation to the guild treasury
Participation 3 Invited an approved member
Status 5 Reach "Recruit" reputation
Participation 7 Participated in a Boss take down with only other guild members
Participation 10 Traded for with a Prestige Token
Participation 10 Completed a keeper's challenge (once per keeper)
Status 50 Reach "Adept" reputation
Status 100 Reach "Master" reputation
Status 500 Reach "Hero" reputation


  • Muschbrumse
  • Night'Cait
  • Muna