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In this shady forest, among the ruins of Tramor Fortress,
a secret Thieves’ Camp is located.
~ Map description

Forest of Shadows is one of three starting areas, this one is for Rogues.

Teeming with wildlife, this bay-side forest is not as harmless as its name augurs.

Though dimly lit, the forest of shadows offers sources of light in its own ways: magical

lanterns often snuffed out by touble-seeking outlaws, and rays of sunlight shining through

the canopy, providing for a magical scene.

Forest of Shadows Map.png
Maiden: Tilda


  • One-Eyed Silver
  • Royal Alchemist
  • Skeeve the Merchant
  • Trainer Shadow


  • Agent 51
  • Guga of Taskona
Connected Regions

Taskona Valley

Rogue's Secret Path

Trade Route


Monsters of Forest of Shadows
Class Name Level Element Race Experience Aggression Level Health Points
Normal Cocoon.png Cocoon 10 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Insect.png Insect 5 0 Cannot Attack 775
Normal Dewdrop.png Dewdrop 1 Ewater.pngEwater.pngEwater.png Race Plant.png Plant 2 0 Cannot Attack 76
Normal Dragonfly Fire.png Fire Dragonkin 8 Efire.png Race Animal.png Animal 7 3 Aggressive 240
Normal Dragonfly Lake.png Lake Dragonkin 6 Ewater.pngEwater.png Race Animal.png Animal 7 1 Passive 170
Normal Haul.png Haul 5 Race Animal.png Animal 5 3 Aggessive 150
Normal Log.png Stock 3 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 6 1 Passive 140
Normal SmallBeholder.png Evil Eye Cub 10 Eair.png Race Monster.png Monster 11 2 Defensive 182
Normal Thorn.png Thorn 7 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 8 3 Aggressive 190
Normal Zuza.png Meadow BumbleBuzz 2 Eair.pngEair.pngEair.png Race Insect.png Insect 3 1 Passive 90
Elite Haul Black.png Black Haul 9 Race Animal.png Animal 112 3 Aggressive 2300
Quest Boar Blind.png Blind Boar 10 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Animal.png Animal 34 3 Aggressive 910
Quest Loggius.png Loggius 4 Eearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 10 3 Aggressive 155
Quest Pest Bumblebuzz.png Pest Bumblebuzz 2 Eair.pngEair.pngEair.png Race Insect.png Insect 3 3 Aggressive 100

Resources on Location[]

Type Name
Harvest Green Grass.png Green Grass
Harvest Holly.png Holly Bush
Harvest Hop.png Honey Hops
Harvest Iron Deposit.png Iron Deposit
Loot Wooden Chest.png Wooden Chest
Loot Basket.png Basket
Quest Beautiful Flowers.png Beautiful Flowers
Quest Silver's Cache.png Silver's Cache

In-Game Images[]

Forest of Shadows 1.jpg Forest of Shadows 2.jpg Forest of Shadows 3.jpg Forest of Shadows 4.jpg
Forest of Shadows 5.jpg Forest of Shadows 6.jpg