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Fire Dragonfly
Dragonfly Fire.png
Level: 8
Health: 240
Defense: None
Element: Fire (level 1)
Aggro: Aggressive
Race: Animal

The Fire Dragonfly is an enlarged dragonfly with noticeable protruding eyes.


There is no noticeable behaviours.


Drop Table/List[]

  • Gold
  • RQAgate.png Agate
  • Sulfur.png Sulfur
  • Transparent Wings.JPG Transparent Wings
  • RQFireS.png Fiery Spark
  • RQTaskAr.png Taskona Archer's Jacket
  • RQOSword.png Elegant Blade
  • RQOSword.png RQCardS.png RQCardS.png Elegant Blade
  • RQBegClay.png Novice's Lightweight Claymore
  • RQBegClay.png RQCardS.png Novice's Lightweight Claymore
  • RQGuardB.png RQCardS.png Guard's Stripe
  • RQCunP.png Potion of Increased Cunning
  • RQLessM.png Lesser Mana Potion
  • RQMar.png Marmalade
  • RQMonsCard.png Card of the Fire Dragonfly
  • Fire.jpg Card of Fire