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These parts are dangerous due to the forest folk that protect their woods
with the help of living plants.
Places of interest:

- Farmers’ Village;
- Master Horus’ Magic Forge.

~ Map description

The farms here that provides staples to the people of Varlone are haunted by living

scarecrows and plagued with thorns. Explorers are often called to help the troubled

farmers by ridding them of their daily nuisances, oft not without good reward.

Be careful though, of the enchanted golem taking refuge here.

NPCS Connected Regions Sublocations
  • Connor Barr
  • Horus the Blacksmith


  • Chief Shimram
  • Zatras
  • Tew
  • Maria
  • Recruiter
  • Wanted Notice Board

Taskona Valley

Varlone, Capital City

Abandoned Crypt

Mill Basement

Rogues's Secret Path



Monsters of Elgore
Class Name Level Element Race Experience Aggression Level Health Points
Normal Forest Warrior.png Forest Warrior 14 Race Humanoid.png Humanoid 10 3 Aggressive 308
Normal Forest Shaman.png Forest Shaman 15 Race Humanoid.png Humanoid 21 1 Passive 530
Normal Scarecrow Field.png Garden Scarecrow 13 Eearth.png Race Magical Creature.png Magical Creature 11 3 Aggressive 280
Normal Thorn Hungry.png Hungry Thorn 12 Eearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 17 3 Aggressive 340
Normal Log Rotten.png Rotten Stock 11 Eearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 15 1 Passive 406
Normal Log.png Stock 3 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 6 1 Passive 140
Normal Stump.png Stump 10 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 9 1 Passive 300
Normal Thorn.png Thorn 7 Eearth.pngEearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 8 3 Aggressive 190
Elite Forest Shaman Evil.png Dark Shaman 15 Race Humanoid.png Humanoid 1377 3 Aggressive 567360
Elite Thorn Elite.png Royal Thorn 13 Eearth.pngEearth.png Race Plant.png Plant 0 3 Aggressive 264600
Quest Rebellious Golem.png Rebellious Golem 10 RQchaosIcon.pngRQchaosIcon.png Race Shapeless.png Shapeless 14 3 Aggressive 364

In-Game Images[]

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