Taskona Valley

This blooming forest valley is known for camps where Swordsmen and Shooters are trained.

Special Places:

- Broken Sword Tavern.


These parts are dangerous due to the forest folk that protect their woods with the help of living plants.

Special Locations:

- Farmers’ Village;

- Master Horus’ Magic Forge.

Forest of Shadows

In this shady forest, among the ruins of Tramor Fortress, a secret Thieves’ Camp is located.


Magic is in full swing here: the animals can even talk! That’s what being near a magic school can lead to.


The capital city of the Kingdom of Elenia.


Shady forests, light coolness, babbling brooks... Iris would have been a nice place to rest, if not for the beasts inhabiting it.

Special Places:

- Crock Farm;

- Quagis’ Thresher;

- Portal to Logart’s Island.

Great Fissure

A terrible catastrophe split this sunny valley in half and created what was called "The Great Fissure." Everything here became deserted, and that’s why a secret factory was created here, the one popularly called the Iron Maiden.

Special Locations:

- Gunmen Factory.


Once this province had several majestic castles that belonged to the noblest of Elenia’s nobility, but now only two families with noble blood live here.

Special Locations:

- Portal to the Soaring Valley.


The marvelous meadows of Quedock are full of Bumblebuzzes attracted by the fragrance of blooming grasses.

Special Locations:

- Bumblebuzz Farm;

- Bumblebuzzcut Factory.


The sunny valley of Crockos is impregnated with a special life force that has given birth to amazing creatures like the Baphomets and the Stone Eaters.


This place is a striking example of what alchemists can turn a blooming lake country into if they are allowed to do what they please.

Special Locations:

- Settlement of Unlicensed Alchemists.

Dancing Forest

After the soil here exploded because of the Elenium mining, the forest turned into a maze full of dangerous creatures and abandoned settlements.


This sacred grove, grown by the last druid in Aura, is not the most friendly place for travelers.

Special Locations:

- Tellur’s Black Tower.


This country of forest lakes is famous for its rich fish harvests and aggressive forest tribes.

Special Locations:

- Fish Farm;

- Quach’s Moss Factory;

- Portal to the Soaring Valley.


Swamps are considered the perfect home for witches, who boil frogs and snakes in their black cauldrons to create eerie potions. Vedoc has become one of these “perfect” places.

Important NPCs:

- Aqua the Prophetess.


The north of Elenia borders what are called "deadly swamps" by humans, and "Squelchia Swampdom" by the indigenous inhabitants of these parts. A tiny village whose name few can remember serves as the Kingdom’s outpost here.

Special Locations:

- Croaknick Village.


This part of the swamps is divided between two Squelchian brothers, although it’s difficult to define how you divide frogs, mosquitoes, and stinking mud pools.


Local quagmires are one of the most terrible places in Aura. Poisonous fumes, horrid creatures, and real living nightmares add to this perception.


The northernmost lands of Elenia border upon the icy continent of Obykan, where the ferocious Orcs live.

Special Locations:

- Abandoned Mines Entrance;

- Orc Shaman’s Cabin.


It was here that the first flower grew which could resurrect the fallen. But now this place is known for the creatures inhabiting it and the Mansion of Horrors.

Special Locations:

- Park Labyrinth;

- Puppet Master’s Mansion.


This part of the Cursed Forest belongs to Tortollas, giants of presumably vegetable origin that are a result of the Elven curse.

Special Locations:

- Research Station.


This place is more often called the Spider Valley due to the huge number of tarantulas living here with their queen.

Special Locations:

- Maria’s Cabin;

- Hypelatrone.


A long time ago, the amazing cities of the Elves were located here, but now it’s just a handful of ruins where some eerie creations from the ancient Elven curse still dwell.

Special Locations:

- Elven Ruins.


This gloomy valley is teeming with the living dead, Lord Ngalu’s warriors advancing from the east.

Special Locations:

- Perimeter.

Important NPCs:

- General Maximus.


Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms... This is the shortest and the most pithy description of this eerie place where sentient killer mushrooms roam.

North Kabuk

This plateau, also called the North Frontier, separates Aloha from Elenia. Goblins have lived here from time immemorial, but several centuries ago they had to make room for the ferocious Orcs.

Special Locations:

- Archaplane;

- Orc Settlement;

- Goblin Settlement.

Wolf Pits

Once a settlement of werewolf hunters was located here. But one day the monsters broke out of their cell pits and turned the settlement into a pile of ruins.

Special Locations:

- Deserted Werewolf Hunter Settlement.


This once-blooming eastern province turned into a nightmarish place when the vampires, the servants of Morra the bloody goddess, settled down here.

Special Locations:

- Vampire Castle.

Morra’s Forest

This place was defiled and forever changed by the presence of Morra, a bloody goddess whose name is forbidden. Morra herself was banished, but her altar stands in these forests to this day.


A place for people to live can be found even in these eerie forests, teeming with werewolves and night creatures.

Special Locations:

- Mortoc Village.

Valley of Winds

This was the place where the Homuncules used the blasting method to mine Elenium. Huge portions of soil soared up to the sky, showering volcanic ash on the valley. This is how the valley came to have its rather peculiar appearance.

Special Locations:

- Research Station;

- Portal to the Engineer Islands.


This once-majestic capital of the Golden Empire has now turned into sand-covered ruins, fancied by scorpions and Ashkalots.

Moonlight Oasis

One of the few oases in the Mara Desert, a blooming garden spread out in the midst of the sands.

Special Locations:

- Outcast Hotel.

Mara Desert

Once this place was a blooming oasis, but it turned into a barren desert when the Geometers appeared.

Special Locations:

- Geometers’ Pyramid.


Here, among the scorching sands, you can find a research campus where the best minds are occupying themselves with the creation of Star Gates.

Important NPCs:

- Sweeden the Engineer.

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