Royal Quest Wiki

Dark Knight's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Dkn 006s.png
Power Seizure 12 Instant 10 10 sec. It attracts an enemy, causing 13-16 damage and adding 2% for every meter of the distance between you and them.
Dkn 003s.png
Banner of Darkness 15 1 sec. --- 30 sec. Creates a banner gives 9-10% lifesteal, and any allies within 5 meters receive an 8% damage increase.
Dkn 002s.png
Steel Spikes 25 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Aura: reflects 20% of the damage taken in close combat back at an attacking enemy. The Aura affects other Party members. Only one class-specific Aura can be active at a time.
Dkn 008s.png
Domination 13 Instant --- 4 sec. Deals 25-31 damage. The damage dealt is increased by 2 times if the target’s Health is lower than 20%. Restores 1 fury point. Requires: Two-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Axe, or Two-Handed Hammer.
Dkn 005s.png
Bone Armor 13 Instant --- 30 sec. Absorbs 30% of damage taken.
Dkn 004s.png
Bloody Harvest 10 Instant --- 4 sec. Deals 23-29 damage to the target, restoring your Health in an amount equal to 100% of the Damage caused in 4 meters in front of the Dark Knight Requires: Sword, Axe, or Hammer.
Dkn 007s.png
Blazing Fury 10 Instant --- 1 sec. Gives you 1 Fury point(s), deals 363 fire Damage, to the Dark Knight, and removes 1 negative effect(s). Damage taken in this way is increased by 25% with each use.
Dkn 001s.png
Earthquake 12 Instant --- 20 sec. Deals 16-19 Earth damage to enemies within a range of 7 m. This damage is increased by 35% for every Fury point. Damage is increased by 35% for every debuff on the enemy (Up to a maximum of 7 debuffs) Completely uses all of your Fury points. Requires: Sword, Axe, or Hammer.
Dkn 012s.png
Dagger of Plague 9 Instant --- 6 sec. Deals 12-15 damage to the target, inflicts Plague on it (which deals additional damage for 8 sec.), and increases the damage Crushing Blow deals to the target by 20%. Uses 2 Fury points. Requires: Sword, Axe, or Hammer.
Dkn 009s.png
Fury Rush 12 Instant --- 10 sec. Summons one Fire Skull per Fury point. The skulls explode within a short period of time, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies.
Dkn 011s.png
Rampant Anger 12 Instant --- 1 min. Skills consume 20% less energy while this effect is active. Uses 1 Fury point per second. The effect wears off if your Fury is completely consumed or its duration expires.