Royal Quest Wiki

Crusader's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Crs 008s.png
Holy Punishment 11 0.7 sec. 10 2 sec. Deals 27-34 Air damage. The Undead and enemies exposed to the Heretic’s Brand effect take 150% Damage. Uses 1 Fury point.
Crs 003s.png
Banner of Light 10 1 sec. --- 30 sec. Creates a banner for 25 sec. that heals you and your Party (6-8 Health points every 2 sec.) Every 7 sec. the banner removes one negative effect from a random friendly target.
Crs 009s.png
Steel Health 25 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Increases Health by 20% and healing received by 10%.
Crs 005s.png
Strike of Justice 10 Instant --- 5 sec. With a powerful swing of his weapon, the Crusader deals 26-32 Damage to the enemy. Chance of Critical Hit is increased by 20% and the skill's Hit is increased by 40.
Crs 001s.png
Seal: Guardian Angel 20 Instant --- 2 min. When Seal is passive: Increases Defense by 2250. The passive bonus is inactive when the skill is on cooldown. When Seal is activated: The Crusader gains Invincibility for 2 sec. and restores 25% Health. The Seal is activated automatically when the Crusader takes lethal damage.
Crs 011s.png
Hero's Blow 10 Instant --- 16 sec. A powerful jumping attack. Deals 30-37 damage to the target and stuns the enemy for 3 sec. Uses 2 Fury points. Requires: Any weapon except Spears.
Crs 002s.png
Grand Cross 30 3 sec. 3 10 sec. Deals 25-34 damage to enemies within a range of 3 m. This damage is increased by 25% for each Fury point. Casting this spell cannot be interrupted.
Crs 012s.png
Reliable Protection 12 1.5 sec. --- 40 sec. The Crusader and allies within range gain Resilience and Protection for 3 sec. Each Fury point increases the duration of bonuses by 18%. Completely consumes Fury points. Requires: Shield.
Crs 004s.png
Ray of Light 10 Instant 10 4 sec. Deals 101-124 damage to an enemy or restores 240-294 Health to a friendly target.
Crs 010s.png
Retaliation 15 Instant 12 13 sec. Deals 29-36 damage to hostile targets at a distance of up to 12 m. Enemies are affected with Vulnerability for 5 sec. The wave's damage can also cause Provocation for 2 sec. Mass Effect: No more than 5 targets. Requires: Any weapon except Spears.
Crs 007s.png
Heretic's Brand 9 Instant 10 20 sec. Marks the enemy with a brand for 12 sec. The damage that the marked enemy takes from skills and basic attacks is increased by 25%. The Holy Punishment and Hero's Blow skills deal 50% additional damage to enemies marked with the Heretic's Brand.
Crs 006s.png
Planar Barrier 12 Instant 5 20 sec. A magic barrier for 10 sec. that blocks long-range skills directed through it.
Mag 011 olds.png
Holy Touch 6 Instant --- 3 sec. Restores 39-48 of a friendly target’s Health over 6 sec. Cannot be used on self.