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The north of Elenia borders what are called "deadly swamps" by humans, and "Squelchia Swampdom" by the indigenous inhabitants of these parts. A tiny village whose name few can remember serves as the Kingdom’s outpost here.

Points of interest:

- Croaknick Village.

~ Map description

Croaknicks swamps are no outlier in this region of deathly waters. Zombie floaters mark the end of many careless adventurers while villagers that settled here warn of danger ahead. One would do well to watch their path here, as many a young sorcerer who had carelessly found their way outside the safety of maragorne were never heard from again.

NPCS Connected Regions Sublocations
  • Stella
  • Jean
  • Elder Cornelius


  • Slugga Bugga





Monsters of Croaknick
Class Name Level Element Race Experience Aggression Level Health Points
Normal Roiler.png Hiver 42 Eearth.pngEearth.png Race Insect.png Insect 399 4 Swarming 3465
Normal Quach.png Quach 40 Ewater.pngEwater.png Race Amphibian.png Amphibian 343 2 Protective 4300
Normal Swamp Bumblebuzz.png Swamp Bumblebuzz 41 Eair.pngEair.png Race Insect.png Insect 371 2 Protective 5300
Normal Swamp Cocoon.png Swamp Cocoon 41 Ewater.pngEwater.png Race Insect.png Insect 259 0 Cannot Attack 11500
Normal Toad.png Toad 47 Ewater.pngEwater.pngEwater.png Race Amphibian.png Amphibian 1016 4 Swarming 7950
Normal Zombie Floater.png Zombie Floater 43 Ewater.pngEwater.png Race Undead.png Undead 368 3 Aggressive 5150

In-Game Images[]

Croaknick 1.jpg Croaknick 2.jpg Croaknick 3.jpg Croaknick 4.jpg
Croaknick 5.jpg Croaknick 6.jpg