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Warriors form the backbone of the Elenia army – a formidable force, commonly referred to as “The Iron Fist of the Throne”. Strong and hardy, they use short-range, melee weapons and are adept with sword and shield. Once in battle, they depend upon their considerable fighting skills, and their stout armor, which provides reliable protection from enemy attacks. Warriors possess the unique ability to enhance their defense and the defense of their allies. Having perfect mastery of equestrian skills, they ride into battle, and indeed, the might of the royal cavalry is legendary.

The most illustrious Warriors can choose the advanced classes of Crusader or Black Knight.

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After receiving the blessing of the goddess Aura, Crusaders dedicate their lives to the service of the Light.

Fearless knights in shining armor, tempered by faith and the holy scripture, Crusaders can inspire their allies to perform heroic deeds, and are able to raise defensive banners. After centuries spent honing their skills, Crusaders have perfected the art of close combat, and became true masters of the word. Their potent prayers heal the wounds of their allies, and incinerate evil.

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Dark knight[]


Having sworn devotion to the service of Darkness, and adopted Morigin, the dark sister of the goddess Aura, as their patroness, these black armor-clad knights - ungodly warriors all - carry on their shoulders the curse of the damned.

Their impious revelry in the pain and suffering of their enemies acts as a restorative, renewing their strength and health. Remarkably skilled warriors, the Dark Knights are capable of inflicting devastating attacks which weaken the enemy, while the dark gifts of Morigin protect them from the attacks of the undead.

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What is better than to destroy your enemies from afar? Only to do so before they can even flinch. Archers can inflict a considerable amount of damage to anyone, without ever coming into direct contact. A good archer needs a steady hand and keen eyesight - and quick feet, if there're no arrows left. They are constantly improving their technique, increasing power of their remote attacks, speed of their shooting… and their sprinting.

The sure of shot may ultimately choose the advanced classes of Hunter or Sniper.

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Masters of tracking and pursuit, these men and women have devoted their lives to the thrill of the hunt - including its most complex and challenging form: the man-hunt.

Hunters are unsurpassed experts of camouflage in all manner of terrain, and skilled trappers. Adept with both bow and gun, they are capable of striking numerous targets from great distances, and they know the habits and weaknesses of their prey like no other. Should they find themselves in a tricky situation, the hand of their patron, Susa, will always come to their aid.

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Snipers are unsurpassed masters of firearms.

They know no equal, either in terms of speed or accuracy. Armed with muskets, Snipers can withstand any enemy and keep them at bay. Using mechanical traps and other combat devices, they are even capable of maintaining defenses against a small army.

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You will not find rogues amongst the ranks of any regular army: espionage and sabotage is their lot. Only they are capable of infiltrating the enemy camp in secret and destroying the enemy leader, stealing important documents, and then disappearing without a trace. Rogues approach their goal by means of a single, precise strike, relying on agility and speed. They prefer to avoid direct confrontation and have no qualms about stooping to tricks and foul play when necessary, or attacking from behind, or from the cover of a shelter.

An experienced rogue can choose the advanced classes of Thief or Assassin.

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When the city becomes over-crowded, and the pockets of simpletons are all but emptied, rogues turn to the busy trade routes, and become thieves. Their livelihood: merchant caravans and rich travelers. These "Knights of the Open Road" have an impressive arsenal of dastardly tricks and distracting ploys, which they can use to quickly paralyze or disarm their victim - all with a single purpose: to get their hands on their victim’s gold, all while avoiding any unnecessary difficulty.

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These masters of stealthy penetration earn their living exchanging the blood of strangers for gold. Assassins can penetrate even the most secure fortress unobserved, and just as silently disappear, taking their target’s life with them. These dark souls have no equal in speed. The rapidity of their precise lightning strikes, combined with their unique knowledge of poisons, leaves their enemy with little chance of survival.

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Mages command the forces of elements, and can direct them to both protect and heal their allies, or to destroy their enemies. True, they do not boast a strong constitution, nor can they bear heavy armor, but the power of their magic provides is a worthy substitute. This alone makes mages among the deadliest of enemies, capable of destroying entire forces single-handedly. The wide variety of their spells allows them to tune their attack to each individual opponent -- and they are also useful in group attacks. The most skillful mages can choose the advanced classes of Sorcerer or Warlock.

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After growing to master the mysteries of magic and gaining power over the forces of the elements, Mages may evolve to become Sorcerers.

At their disposal lies an impressive arsenal of the most diverse spells – including both those which attack and those which heal. Sorcerers are able to turn an enemy into a block of ice, then bring the full force of the elements raining down. Using protective barriers, they are able to gain time to restore their own forces, or to allow their troops to regroup.

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Rejecting the natural elements, Warlocks focus on one force - the most powerful force of all - chaos!

Harnessing the power of this element imposes certain constraints on the mage, since its purpose is singular: the sowing of death and destruction! In exchange, they enjoy immense power, and are capable of routing entire armies. The most skillful warlocks can restore vitality, by reveling in the pain and suffering of their accursed victims.

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