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Hey I'm daros and I came to bring a build for thief pve.
Well we will start from level 65 which is a great level for your thief to farm because he already has the passive "second life" released, well some of you who are seeing this topic is because he is behind a pve build (I suppose ...).
As this topic is directly for the build pve I will not talk about other build lines that will not be used here ok ?.
Well then come on ....
We will start with the fight tab
The first point of talent you put in [Meat Grinder]
Meat Grinder: Causes enemies affected with Bleeding to take 30% more damage from skills (Blade Dance) and (Bloody Strike) and double strike damage is increased by 15%.
The second skill point you put in [Butcher]
Butcher: Deals 10% damage to the enemy that is suffering bleeding damage
The third point will put in [Cuthroat]
Cutroat: will deal more damage to '' Humanoids, Monstrosities and Orcs '' ... (More damage to minotaurs)
The fourth point will be placed in [Deadly Dance]
Summary * Decreases the CD of all your skills by 20% when you use the skill (Blade dance)
The fifth point puts in [Fortune's Favor]
Fortune's Favor: With your {Fortune} buff your character gains 5 str and 5 dex, and has a 10% chance to reset the CD of any skill (Any skill ... even passive)
Now we will jump to the robbery tab
The first point you put in [Frantic Spring]
Frantic Spring: Your skill (Spring) causes 1x to 4x of vulnerability on enemies. (Calm down you will have the 4 jumps)
The second point you will place [Snacking]
Snacking: You can eat foods in combat. (I recommend eating '' Maple Syrup)
The third point puts in [Escape]
Escape: Your skill (Spring) Makes you out of immobility effects
The fourth point puts in [Marauder]
Marauder: If you have full kuning and stun or immobilize an enemy and drop the skill (Robbery) he gains 10% more chance of dropping some loot and 20% more damage when you use (Robbery)
The fifth point you put in [Stand and Deliver]
Resume *
Stand and Deliver: The assailant can drain the target's health by using the assault ability, dealing 50% of total damage
The sixth point you put in [Herbal brew]
Resume *
Herbal Brewr: The instant life of the sip of booze is increased by 20%
The seventh point you put in [Caustic Smoke]
Caustic Smoke: Enemies that are near your fire will lose their attack by 25% and critical hit chance by 25 points
We will now go to the third and last skills tab
In Massacre puts the first point in the passive of [Dirty Fight]
Dirty Fight: The energy consumed by the skill (Kick, Distraction and net) is decreased by 40%, and the duration of negative effects launched by spells and decreased by 20%
The second point put in [Red Hot Weapons]

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