Royal Quest Wiki

Assassin's Skills[]

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Asn 004s.png
Seal: Ghost Form 10 Instant --- 40 sec. When Seal is passive: Increases Dodge by 12. The passive bonus is inactive when the skill is in cooldown. When Seal is activated: The Assassin gains Nimbleness and Protection for 6 sec.
Asn 008s.png
Killer's Strike --- Instant --- 10 sec. Deals 22-27 damage to the target. This damage is increased by 30% for every Poison or Bleeding effect on the target. For every consecutive Poison or Bleeding effect placed upon the target, the damage dealt by this skill is increased by 10%. Using this skill restores 1 Cunning Point.
Asn 002s.png
Toxic Cloud 15 Instant 8 40 sec. Poisons enemies in the specified area. The explosion spreads gas for 12 sec. which causes Poison, Slowdown and Ailment.
Asn 003s.png
Withdrawal into Shadow 15 Instant --- 45 sec. The Assassin becomes invisible until he runs out of Energy, gaining Invincibility for 1 sec. Higher-level opponents are able to notice you. Using this skill restores 2 Cunning Points.
Asn 007s.png
Lacerating Claws 10 Instant --- 7 sec. Deals 19-24 damage. The higher the enemy's Health, the greater the additional damage dealt by this skill (up to 100% extra damage). Gives you 1 Cunning point. Requires: Katars
Asn 006s.png
Detoxification 15 Instant --- 9 sec. Restore 36-44 Health. Removes one negative effect. Using this skill restores 1 Cunning Point.
Asn 009s.png
Armor Split 6 Instant --- 20 sec. Deals 22-27 damage to the target and decreases its defense by 16%. Gives you 1 Cunning point.
Asn 001s.png
Blinding Bomb 15 Instant 8 10 sec. Deals 14-18 Air damage to enemies in the specified area and reduces their Hit by 10. Successful attacks on enemies have a 40% chance of dealing 50% damage. Mass effect: No more than 5 targets.
Asn 011s.png
Shadow Leap 6 Instant 11 25 sec. The Assassin consumes 2 Cunning Points to move through the world of shadows. Enemies standing on the Assassin's way receive 18-22 damage and are also affected by Poison for 6 sec. Enables a player to stay in stealth mode.
Asn 010s.png
Ripper 10 2.5 sec. --- 12 sec. The Assassin launches a series of 10 blows over 2.5 sec. and immobilizes the target. The damage causes by this skill is increased by 25% for each Cunning point. Consumes all Cunning Points. Requires: Katars.