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Archer's Skills

Icon Name Consume Use Distance Cooldown Description
Arc 013s.png
Trial Shot 10 Instant 12 1 sec. Deals 17-23 damage to the target. Restores 1 Focus point.
Arc 007s.png
Target 10 Instant 12 30 sec. The damage dealt to the selected target by long-range attacks is increased. Focus points charge speed is increased.
Arc 006s.png
Burr 12 Instant --- 6 sec. Places a trap which activates when an enemy approaches. After activation, it deals Neutral Damage and slows the target down.
Arc 003s.png
Precise Shot 17 Instant 12 5 sec. Deals 23-31 damage, and the chance of hitting is increased by 50%. Focusing (consumes 1 Focus point if it is available, increasing the damage caused by this skill by 30%).
Arc 001s.png
Vigor 25 5 sec. --- 1 sec. Aura: increases Movement Speed by 10%. The Aura affects other Party members.
Firearrow 1s.png
Piercing Shot 18 Instant 12 8 sec. Deals 10-14 damage to enemies in the line of the shot. Focusing (consumes 1 Focus point if it is available, increasing the damage caused by this skill by 30%).
Arc 011s.png
Undistracted Attention 18 Instant --- 1 min. 30 sec. Focus point is completely restored in 2 seconds.
Arc 012s.png
Walking Tour 20 Instant --- 1 sec. All unmounted Party members go on a walking tour and get a bonus +20% Running Speed for 20 sec.
Arc 005s.png
Aiming 10 Instant --- 6 sec. Your long-range weapon attack is increased. Focus charge speed is increased. The effect wears off if you move.
Cmn 000s.png
Wound Dressing 12 1.5 sec. --- 5 sec. Restores 124-170 Health over 10 sec.
Arc 002s.png
Buttstock Strike 14 Instant --- 15 sec. Deals 17-23 damage to the target, knocks it back, and slows it down. Required: Gun or Mortar.
Hnt 009s.png
Pellet Shot 16 Instant --- 2 sec. Deals 12-17 damage to targets in the direction of the shot. Required: Gun.
Arc 010s.png
Healing Charge 16 Instant 12 5 sec. A healing charge is shot which restores 32-44 of an ally’s Health.
Arc 008s.png
Eagle Eye 15 Instant --- 25 sec. Allows you to see hidden and invisible objects within a range of 13 m.

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